Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sleeping While Working

What will people do when they feel extremely sleepy while working?

Yes, they sleep of course!

The guard at Wilayah Persekutuan Mosque;

The gardener at Kuala Lumpur Lake Garden; and

The staff at federal government office?

Note: No... that kid is actually a son to one of clerks at my office. But I wonder, is there anybody who really do this while working at his or her office? I hope, there wouldn't be any!


zyrin said...

dey. tu anak siapa dah ambik gmbr tu?

marmalade said...

hihihi i penah tido kat office. masa tuh penat gile so masa lunch tak keluar but tido bawah meja. hahahahahha. dapat ah tido 40 minutes. gile masyuk!

Naz said...

Zyrin: Hehe.. tu anak Kak Zarina

Mala: Ala.. tidor time lunch hour ape salahnya... Normal la tu.. Kalau bulan puasa tu lagi la.. semua pakat2 tidor bawah meja time lunch hour.. =)

papaya said...

To tell u the truth, aku pernah tertido smbil tangan kat keyboard..
Gaya mcm wat kerje masyuk tgh pk ayat surat, pdhal aku dah smpai ke bulan..

Am said...

Sometimes I wish we do not have to sleep. But guess that it's much fun of having the need of sleeping, and more fun to sleep with someone. Lol. Naz, keji tak aku?

SyrupusSimplex said...

nice blog..em pak guard tuh bosan kot..selamat hari raya haji

Naz said...

Papaya: Ko mmg expert dalam hal2 camtu..

Am: Ko mmg keji pun.. Muahaha!

SyrupusSimplex: Mekasih!

p/s: Salam aidil adha semua!

Pengejar Masa said...

dapat tidur masa waktu berbayar mmg nikmat...

Fakhzan Marwan said...

I love to sleep, for me sleep in a way to escape a harsh reality, an escapism, or to achieve the impossible dreams in the real life.

The lucid dreaming has been a controversial subject in the sociology and physchology, and yet it has so much truth in it, waiting to be proven and discovered.

and the kid, i pretty sure he was dreaming of something happy...:D