Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The End

Last night I watched the series finale of critically acclaimed Lost, one of the best tv shows of all-time. As an avid fan of Lost who have been watching the show scrupulously since 2004, I couldn't hardly wait to see how everything on the show ends. So after six amazing seasons, Lost finally comes to an end. The question is, was the ending fulfilling? If one watch the series finale from the perspective of story line or mythology I am sure he or she would be left unsatisfied, because there are abundant of questions and mysteries left unanswered after the show ends. But if the series finale is watched from the perspective of emotion, one would find that it is extremely haunting and he or she would remember every single second of the episode for quite a long time or probably forever. Namaste!

Note: Sigh!! I am having Lost withdrawal symptoms at the moment! Definitely lost without Lost...

The opening scene of the series (Season 1's Pilot)

The closing scene of the series (Season 6's Finale)