Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Broken Heart

I went to the local pharmacy and asked the pharmacist there if there is any medicine available for broken heart. The pharmacist smiled then told me that there is a medicine that very well known for mending broken heart but unfortunately it's not available at the pharmacy. I asked the pharmacist the name of the medicine so that I could try to find it somewhere else. "It's called time and it's not available at another pharmacies too", said the pharmacist while patting my shoulder. I thanked the pharmacist and left the pharmacy with teary eyes. I realised that my broken heart will not be cured for a very long time.


nurin said...

Dear Naz,

Please read the book Yasmin Mogahed title Reclaim your heart, moga itu jd pengubat,

Nurin-sidang B dpa 1/2008

Anonymous said...

Be strong ya mr naz...